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Mahatma Gandhi’s statements “India Lives in its villages, is still valid even today for the reason that 70% of the Indian population lives in villages and rural areas. Any development efforts made in rural sector will have impact on the country’s economic development. Various governmental and non-governmental efforts have contributed to boost the rural economy with proven results. The artisans and craftsmen of rural area processes abundant traditional skills. There is huge demand for handicrafts and other products produced by them. However rural artisans do not have market intelligence, negotiation skills, and adequate capacity to connect themselves to the markets. The Bangalore Santhe will provide the ambience of a traditional Rural Santhe or Village market it is intended to provide contemporary needs with the synthesis of crafts, food and cultural activities. It is created in the heart of the city i.e. at Baiyappanahalli, which will display the richness of Indian culture on a permanent basis. It has been visualised as a show piece of traditional Karnataka/Indian culture- a forum where rural life and folk art are brought closure to urban clientele. 

Technical specification and production plan of the design of Bengaluru santhe

The Bengaluru Santhe has been designed with traditional structure with an ethnic feel. The Rural Haat comprises of cluster of stalls along a central spine which creates a street like feel. Supporting development such as toilets, drinking water facilities provided at a convenient location for users. Painting is also carefully selected to highlight the landscape. The architecture designed in such a way which resembles the folk architecture of Karnataka and will make the location attractive to the tourists.  The design has been conceived to fulfil two significant functions.
1)  To create a bond between rural artisans and the people of region beyond.
2)  To provide for shopping as a leisure activity and create an awareness and diversity of rural products

Rural Haat Management Committee

The management of Rural Haat is separate entity within BMRCL with the separate accounts. The management committee shall be constituted for the management and maintenance of the Rural haat, which is comprising MD BMRCL, Principal Secretary RD&PR, Director (SEP), Principal Secretary Women & Child etc.

Rural Haat operation

The day to day management of the Bengaluru santhe will be headed by Chief Administrative Officer, who is on deputation at least one officer in the rank of Assistant Director on deputation and will work as a Assistant Administrative Officer. He will assisted by 8 Executive Assistants and other staff. The responsibilities of CAO is implementing the management decision, collecting information on sale of products, functioning of these haats and furnish the report to the management committee.

Income from Haat.

The Bengaluru santhe is to be continued on self sustaining basis. For this purpose it is organised on a most reasonable commercial terms. It is under this background a minimum rental fees of Rs 100 and Rs 150 per stall per day has been proposed. A revenue share of 5% commission on the gross sales is also going to be collected. The area chosen for the Rural Haat is both a commercial centre and tourist junction and therefore good products will have good market and ensures their profitability and hence the rental and revenue share will not affect either the marketability or the profitability of the rural people.

Conditions for the participants.

There are 21 conditions have been forwarded by the management for the participants to be adhered by them. These conditions are approved by the Law section of the Management. The format of the condition and issues are as follows.
1. Santhe starts at 10.00am and ends at 9.00pm. Therefore you are expected to come to the premises every day one hour before the commencement, to arrange your stalls.
2. As there is no dormitory facility at present in the Santhe premises, arrangements have to be made by yourself for your stay at Bangalore.
3. Only two people per stall are allowed for sales.
4. Participants of Bengaluru Santhe have to bring their identity card issued by competent authorities (ZP Project Director/ Deputy Director woman and Child Department/ Deputy Director of SSI/ CEO of Khadi Gramodyog/ Authorities of Coir Board/ Authorities of Handicrafts/ Authorities of Woman Entrepreneurs/ Deputy Director of RDTDC etc.)
5. Every day the rent of the stall and commission at the rate of 5% on sales will be collected between 6.00pm to 7.00pm by the officials. You are required to adhere to this compulsorily.
6. The participant who would like to withdraw their sales before the stipulated date, are expected to inform at least 3 days before to the Chief Administrative Officer.
7. Participants have to bring themselves necessary portable equipments in order to showcase their goods. However they are requested to bring necessary light weight equipments (Bench, table, stands etc).
8. The participants are requested to come along with their goods at least two days earlier to Bengaluru Santhe to arrange their stalls.
9. Participants are not allowed to install any permanent materials in the premises.
10. Drawings pictures, paintings, writing on the wall and fixing nails to the walls are strictly prohibited.
11. During the business hour participants are expected to enter their movements in the movement register, wherein they are suppose to write the time and purpose of movement.
12. Every participant should keep the business place clean and tidy.
13. Participants are not allowed to make use of the goods and food items which will affect to the environment within the Santhe area.
14. Smoking, drinking and chewing of tobacco and other items are strictly prohibited.
15. Participants have to be polite with the customers. If any customer is creating disturbance it should be reported to the authorities immediately by the participants.
16. Participants have to maintain justified price and only good quality goods are to be sold. There is no scope for bargaining in the market.
17. The authorities of the Santhe will issue the bill books to the participants. In turn participants have to issue bills compulsorily for the sale of all items to the customers.
18. If the authorities have identified any Indiscipline, Misbehaviour and Misconduct noticed by the authorities, will be reported to the Managing Director of BMRCL who in turn may terminate such participants from sales at any time. The decision of Managing Director in relation with continuity of any participants is final.
19. Participants have to follow the rules and regulations enshrined in the letter and they have to agree to abide them in writing in Form No – 2, which is sent along with this letter.
20. Participants have to bring two passport size photos while they are coming.
21. Bengaluru Santhe authorities are not responsible for the goods brought and maintained by the participants during their stay.

All instructions and conditions mentioned above are to be followed compulsorily and any violation of this would be seriously viewed and it will be informed all the concerned authorities of the government.

Selection procedure of the participants and time duration for the participants.

The management has issued form-1, which comprises the detailed information of the artisans, SHG’s etc. These forms to be signed by competent authorities in order to ensure that they are the real producers. Participants are invited for a minimum period of 10 days maximum of 60 days.

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